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Meet the Potomac Birth Services Team

We are here to to empower and educate new birthing parents with compassionate and professional support!

My husband and I hired Potomac Birth Services as the doulas for our delivery and also purchased an in home personal birthing class.

They have been absolutely amazing.

This was my first delivery and the class was very beneficial to understanding what to expect during labor. Unfortunately we had our baby during the covid shutdown and they were not allowed to be at the hospital with us.

That did not stop them from providing us top notch care. We brought our laptop to the hospital and they video chatted with us during my labor.

This allowed them to support us from a distance and still be involved. During my labor I was able to update them on my progress, they taught my husband how to do hip squeezes to help open my pelvis to encourage baby to drop, and they were able to provide suggestions for different positions to help with laboring.

Not only were they available via video chat but if I didn’t want to video chat I could message them on Facebook, text them, or call them.

Knowing I had someone there day or night during labor besides the hospital staff was such a relief and very helpful. I ended up having to have a c-section and they were immediately available to answer any questions I had about having a c-section and talked about what to expect.

Lastly they have been invaluable in postpartum help. Breast feeding can be very difficult, especially in the beginning. They have been so patient and incredibly informative. Again they have video chatted with me to provide me guidance on feeding and to give me tips on how to effectively breast feed.

There support and encouragement has kept me sane and helped me stick with my breast feeding goals instead of just getting frustrated and giving up.

If you are considering doulas you could not hire a better team.” – C. H. B.

Our promise as your birth doulas:

Keep it Positive

Birth can be surrounded by a lot of negativity. We shift the fear around birth and stay positive by giving you realistic outcomes for every situation.

Inclusive to All

Our doulas are experienced with non-binary & LBGTQA+ families. We ensure that all birthing people and their partners feel included.

Always Professional

Our doulas will always offer services with professionalism - without judgement or bias. We will act in your best interests & wishes.

Meet Jillian


I am a wife, mother of 5 amazing children, and a life-long learner.

As someone who started my family young, I felt there was a severe lack of support for new and growing families. My role as a doula started early on with supporting friends and family before training as a professional doula and making my passion for supporting families my career.

Every family deserves support and empowerment for the decisions that they make as their family grows and transitions.

Over the years I have carefully crafted my practice to support families during the process of pregnancy, birth, adoption, and the postpartum period.

My goal in starting Potomac Birth Services was to provide local families with a source of support that caters to each individual family’s needs with respect and compassion.

Besides being a Labor and Postpartum Doula, I am a Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Passenger Safety Technician, and Certified Health Coach with an emphasis on pregnant and nursing moms.

Meet Jane


I am a birth and postpartum doula who is dedicated to supporting and empowering you and your family as you undergo one of the biggest life transitions there is.

Working with families has long been at the center of my work.

Before training as a professional doula, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Social Relations and worked as a childcare professional, teacher, and advocate for newly diagnosed type one diabetics and their families. All of which guided me here, aligned with my passions in a career as a doula.

As a type one diabetic, I also have a passion for supporting people with chronic illnesses through pregnancy and postpartum.

No matter who you are, how or where you choose to birth, you deserve a compassionate and informed care team who will meet your needs with dignity and care.

It’s an honor to be a part of that team, and to accompany birthing people through their moving and unique birth experiences.

Want Our Exclusive Birth Plan Worksheet?

This 3-page comprehensive worksheet will help you prepare for & easily navigate any challenges that may arise during your upcoming birth.