DIY Padsicle Recipe

Padsicles can be a great tool to manage mild postpartum pain and swelling. They are ready for use in about 4 hours and can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 weeks although I recommend using them within 4 weeks for best potency.

Unwrap pads one at a time and complete the following steps in order (remember not to remove the plastic from the sticky side that will attach to your underwear later!):

1.Saturate pad fully with aloe vera

2. Place drops of witch hazel all over the pad. Note, it comes out fast. I prefer to use a spray bottle and spray the pads down generously

3. Add Arnica oil, 7-10 drops

4. Use a clean utensil to spread across the pad several times mixing everything together.

5. After making each pad, wrap them back up in their original wrapper and then place pads on a flat surface and freeze them for about 45 to 60 minutes to set. Do not skip this step. If you store the pads without freezing them individually, they may stick together causing tearing when separated

6. After setting, place pads in a freezer bag for storage

Relief can last 30 to 90 minutes and can be repeated as needed.

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