Childbirth • Breastfeeding • Newborn Care

Get the confidence for life's next journey - get tips, tricks, and professional guidance from our head doula!

Ideal for first-time parents, our classes help prepare you to welcome a new child into your family with confidence and ease.

Our Upcoming Classes

Child Birth Education Classes with Q&A

Limited to 5 learners. 

Class schedule is subject to change if the doula is called to attend a birth or emergency. You will be contacted immediately in case of schedule change and will be guaranteed a spot at our next class.

Private Classes Available

Perfect for families who want the 1-on-1 guidance of a doula who can make recommendations on their personal situation.

Private Childbirth Education Class

In this private class, we will go over your prenatal care, your birth plans, and talk through any potential outcomes that may arise. By the end of this class, you will feel fully prepared for bringing your new baby into the world!

4 hours • $300

Private Breastfeeding Class

In this private class, we will discuss the basics of breastfeeding and your personal history (if any) of nursing, pumping, and supplementing. You will leave with a full plan of action for your breastfeeding journey!

2 hours • $175

Private Newborn Care Class

In this private class, we will discuss your home and environment, as well as the items you may have or need for your baby. After this class, you will feel educated on all things newborn care – sleep, hygiene, and keeping baby well!

1.5 hours • $175