Our birth services offer the compassion, support, and clarity that your growing family needs.

We are doulas committed to empowering families to feel confident about their prenatal care, birth plan, postpartum recovery, lactation, and beyond.

Prepare for baby with our virtual group classes

Learn our expert child birth, newborn care, and breastfeeding tips from the comfort of your own home.

Child Birth Education Classes with Q&A

Limited to 5 learners. 

Class schedule is subject to change if the doula is called to attend a birth or emergency. You will be contacted immediately in case of schedule change and will be guaranteed a spot at our next class.

Our birth support services ensure that you are heard and affirmed in your path to a new baby.

Growing your family is an important life event and we honor our families through all types of births & adoptions. Our inclusive doulas are also experienced with non-binary birth parents.
Our services help you advocate for your rights to birth as you choose and give you the confidence you need for a fear-free journey into parenthood.

“I had my second baby earlier this year & was so grateful to have Jill attend again as she did for my first child four years ago. She was supportive & amazing.

I hit a hard wall of I Can’t Do This energy very soon after arriving to the birth center. Jill worked with my midwife to coach me through it encouraging multiple strategies (position changes, sound, breathing, etc) to help me cope.

It was a great experience even though it did not play out exactly as I planned – Jill helped me flow with the changes instead of getting stuck/stressed.

Instead I felt safe, empowered, & supported throughout labor & even got to share a couple of laughs as I welcomed my baby.”

– S.G.
Repeat Birth Support Client

Here's how Potomac Birth Services can help your family:

Birth Support

We'll be by your side from conception to the newborn days. Available in-person or virtually. Learn more >

Lactation Support

Overcome breastfeeding obstacles without the stress + overwhelm. Available any time. Book now >

In-Home Support

We'll guide and help you before and after baby, so that you can rest easier once you're home. Learn more >


Our online classes on childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding help you prepare. Book now >

Now accepting HSA & FSA!

Did you know that you can use your HSA or FSA accounts to pay for Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes, Lactation Support, Birth Doula Support, and in some cases, Postpartum Doula Support?

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This 3-page comprehensive worksheet will help you prepare for & easily navigate any challenges that may arise during your upcoming birth.